Glass 2 - Belle

Cup 2 - Belle


A cup with simple shape and exquisite color.

Please use with the pair cup.


Size: W8.4cm, H8.9cm


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  • お届け日数:3~5日
Lucky Beckoning Cat (Calico)
日本語の説明はこちら   Most calico cats are girls. The probability of calico boy is only one in 30,000,and some people wish to have them as lucky cats.   Please move the cursor to the photos  to see ... (続きを読む)
日本語での説明はこちら   If you love cats, but cannot have one for some reason, why don't you have this cat at home? Please see its unforgettable face and body by positioning the cursor on the photos.   Size: W-13.5cm、D-2 ... (続きを読む)
Lucky Beckoning Cat (White)
日本語の説明はこちら   Japanese "manekineko" (beckoning cat) brings you good luck and good people.   Please check Kai’s attractive lucky cat and its strong face. Put it in your home or store and see what it brings ... (続きを読む)
Baby Bunny
日本語での説明はこちら   Look at the pottery baby bunny! Why can a pottery work look so furry? Please see the texture closely by positioning the cursor on the photos!   Size: W95×D130×H85mm    Please read ab ... (続きを読む)
Squirrel by Kai Tsuruta
日本語の説明はこちら   As squirrels squirrel foods, they have been considered as a lucky animal. According to feng shui, squirrels is a symbol of making a fortune.    A squirrel appears in Japan's myth. ... (続きを読む)
Sparrow by Kai Tsuruta
日本語の説明はこちら。   Japanese has some idioms about sparrow. For example, "a tear of a sparrow" means very small amount of something.   Here we introduce you a cute sparrow with curious shining eyes and ... (続きを読む)
Goldfish by Kai Tsuruta (pottery art)
日本語の説明はこちら。   Long time ago, a red fish was found in China. It was a mutation, but people loved the miracle fish, and after many crossings, gold fish was invented.   Kuniyoshi Utagawa, an Ukiyoe a ... (続きを読む)
Bowl (Large) - Galaxy
日本語の説明はこちら。 Please see the magic of glaze and heat. The slightly small size bowl with different color is here.   Size: W21cm, H6.4cm ... (続きを読む)
Teapot (Calla)
日本語での説明はこちら   Teapot with exquisite blue. The cracking effect makes it look delicate, but porcelain china is stronger than it looks.   Please use with the tea cup and saucer of the same series. ... (続きを読む)
Bowl - Mantis
  日本語での説明はこちら。   One morning in late summer,  Naoko saw a mantis walking limply in her garden. She somehow did not forget it and draw the mantis on her bowl.   The bowl is colored with gray ... (続きを読む)
Bowl (Medium) - Galaxy
日本語の説明はこちら。 Please see the beautiful color which is impossible to duplicate. The deep blue bowl make the food look delicious, too!   Size: W20cm x H6.8cm ... (続きを読む)
日本語の説明はこちら。 Please see the beautiful metallic bowl. The artist  is always seeking new colors.   Size: W19.4cm, H7.5cm ... (続きを読む)
Bowl (small) - Galaxy
日本語の説明はこちら。 Deep color on a simple shape. Please see the larger size of the same series.   Size: W18cm, H6.2cm ... (続きを読む)
Sake Cup - Daruma
日本語の説明はこちら。   Daruma, also known as Dharma, was a Buddhist monk who lived long ago. Because of its shape, Darma dolls never fall over, so it is considered as a symbol of good luck and victory.   Here is a drama ... (続きを読む)
Lipped Cup 2 - Galaxy
日本語の説明はこちら。 A heart-shaped cup with beautiful color. Please use with a pair cup.   Size: W11cm x 9.5cm, H8cm ... (続きを読む)
Lipped Cup 1 - Galaxy
日本語の説明はこちら。 A heart shaped cup with deep blue color. Please use with pair cup.   Size: W11.5cm x 9cm, H10cm ... (続きを読む)
Lucky Fukusuke Doll
日本語の説明はこちら。   Fukusuke is a legendary figure who lived long ago. It is said he worked hard and made his master very rich and happy. Fukusuke doll is an icon which brings you good fortune. Why don't you have one and see what it ... (続きを読む)
Bowl 2 - Galaxy
日本語での説明はこちら。 The glaze, heat, and the oxygen in the kiln makes unique colors like magic. Please see the bowl with the same size and different color.   Size: W16cm, H5.8cm ... (続きを読む)
Bowl 1 - Galaxy
日本語の説明はこちら。 The mixture of glaze makes miracles in a kiln. The artist is always seeking new colors and make every effort to create them.   Size: W17.5cm, H5cm ... (続きを読む)
Sake Cup 2 - Gradation
日本語の説明はこちら。 The mixture of glaze and heat create magic colors in the kiln.  Please see the completely different color by the same artist here.   Size: W9cm, H5cm ... (続きを読む)
Sake Cup 1 - Gradation
日本語の説明はこちら。 Beautiful color on a simple shape - that is the thing the artist is always looking for. Please see completely different colors by the same artist.   Size: W9cm, H5cm ... (続きを読む)
Bowl - Gradation
日本語の説明はこちら。 Look at the beautiful color of a smooth bowl! The artist makes glaze himself to create unique colors.   Size: W13cm, H6cm ... (続きを読む)
Tea cup & saucer - Calla
 日本語での説明はこちら。   Tea cup and saucer with calla motif.  Almost white with delicate shade of blue and cracking effect create elegant aura. The cup and saucer are stronger  than they look. Goo ... (続きを読む)
Indigo Moon - No.2 (bowl)
日本語での作品紹介はこちら。   A beautiful indigo moon was created by heat. The artist is a color seeker, always trying new blending of materials to discover new glaze.   This handmade one-of-a-kind bowl looks ... (続きを読む)
Indigo Moon - No.1 (bowl)
日本語での作品紹介はこちら   Minoru is always trying to create new glaze himself. The various materials in his original glaze melt by heat and the dynamic ebullition is kept forever.   The same glaze is used for the ... (続きを読む)
Lucky Dish - Fisherman's Flag
日本語の説明はこちら   Have you ever seen such happy dishes? The design is based on "Tairyo-Bata". Japanese fishermen raise special flags called tairyo-bata on their boats when they get a good catch. Tairyo-Bata is always very ... (続きを読む)
Cup 2 - Belle
日本語の説明はこちら。 A cup with simple shape and exquisite color. Please use with the pair cup.   Size: W8.4cm, H8.9cm ... (続きを読む)
Glass 1 - Belle
日本語の説明はこちら。 Beautiful colors on a simple shape - that is the ideal pottery works for the artist. You can find the same cup with slightly different color here. Please see his galaxy series here.   Size: W8.2cm, ... (続きを読む)
Small Dish - Hotaru Effect
日本語での説明はこちら。   Porcelain small dish with "hotaru" effect. Hotaru means fireflies in Japanese. For hotaru effect, the artist has to make small holes  and then pour glaze onto it. The parts without ... (続きを読む)
Small Dish - Lace
 日本語での説明はこちら。   A small dish good for many use. The artist got an idea from a round church window.   Although its size is small, it required a lot of time and labour. Please see the delicate handw ... (続きを読む)
Lucky Toothbrush Stand
日本語の説明はこちら。   Tai, or sea beam is most beloved and important fish in Japan. It is often served on festive occasions. To draw such thin lines, the artist first put water repellent material on the surface, then scratch it with a ... (続きを読む)
Small Dish - Cherry Blossom
  日本語での説明はこちら。   A pretty small dish with cherry blossom design, Please enjoy the beauty of warm white and the smooth feel.   Please read about the artist.   Size: W- 7.5cm, L ... (続きを読む)
Lucky Broach - Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji is considered sacred in Japan. It is not only the highest mountain, but a symbol of Japan itself. Rising sun from Mt. Fuji is the happiest composition. Please carry the cute broach as your lucky charm!   Please check t ... (続きを読む)
Lucky Broach - Old Coin
These oval broaches are inspirited by old coins. They carry lucky words: "Victory" and "Pass the Exam". The price is VERY reasonable considering the amount of gold used.   Please check the photos below for size.   *Th ... (続きを読む)