Indigo Moon - No.1 by Minoru Fukushima

Indigo Moon - No.1 (bowl)



Minoru is always trying to create new glaze himself.

The various materials in his original glaze melt by heat

and the dynamic ebullition is kept forever.


The same glaze is used for the outside, 

but it is slightly tinged with brown.

The melted glaze gathers on the rim and made colorful ring.


The texture is very smooth.

Good for daily use and for display.


Please check Indigo Moon - No.2.

The same glaze is used, but it looks different!


Size:  W-13.5cm、H-6.7cm、Weight-195g


Please read about the Artist.


*The delivery fee to Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu is 1,600yen. For deliveries to Okinawa, Hokkaido, and abroad, please contact here.

*For gift wrapping, please contact here. 


  • Limited Inventory
  • お届け日数:5~8日

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