Aiko Hiraga (pottery artist)

1997 Graduated from Collage of Art, Nihon University

1997-2011 Product designer at a Japanese manufacturer

2011 Studied pottery art at Julia Timm Studio, Minneapolis 

2012 Jinengo-gama (a kiln in Yamagata prefecture)

2015 Graduated from Yokohama Izumi Togei Institute

Prizes: Woman's Association of Ceramic Art (2014)

Sobachoco Art Exhibition (2015)


Aiko was an awards-winning product designer at a Japanese manufacturer. While promising, she suddenly make a major change in her career and started learning pottery work in Minnesota. Why Minnesota? Because Japanese Mingei Movement crossed the sea  and developed in Minnesota. The state is even called "Mingeisota."  Aiko likes Ms. Julia Timm's ORIGAMI series and studied pottery art at Julia Timm Studio in Minnesota. 

After moving back to Japan, she worked in Jinengo Clay Studio in Yamagata Prefecture, where her brother makes ceramic bathtubs and art works. After that, she entered Yokohama Izumi Togei Institute to learn pottery work from basics.

Although her career path is unique, her works show simple beauty!

Wa-Ippin is looking very much forward to her future works!