Goldfish (Red & Black)

Goldfish by Kai Tsuruta (pottery art)



Long time ago,

a red fish was found in China.

It was a mutation, but people loved the miracle fish, and after many crossings,

gold fish was invented.


Kuniyoshi Utagawa, an Ukiyoe artist who is famed for his extraordinary wood prints, made humorous “goldfish” series.

In these Ukiyoe prints, goldfish walk fin-in-fin, row boats, and drink sake with leaf-cups!


Now we bring a charming goldfish made by an award-winning artist to you.

It brings Asian breeze and cool splash into your room!



Big: W-5.2cm、D-9.5cm、H-5.5cm

Small; W-4.8cm、D-8.6cm、H-5cm


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