Squirrel by Kai Tsuruta (pottery art)

Squirrel by Kai Tsuruta



As squirrels squirrel foods,

they have been considered as a lucky animal.

According to feng shui,

squirrels is a symbol of making a fortune. 


A squirrel appears in Japan's myth.

A god named Izanagi lamented over his wife's death,

and decided to go to the underworld to take her back with him.

A squirrel lead the way and helped him.


Here we introduce you a charming squirrel

made by a charming artist.

The size is perfect for holding and petting.

Please check its cute face and body line!


Size: W-5.4cm, D-11cm, H-9.3cm


The artist, Kai Tsuruta, has studied lacquer art 

at Tokyo University of the Arts and now

she is interested in pottery art, too.

Please read about the artist.


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