Naoko Matsubayashi  (pottery artist)



Born in 1951

Graduated from Yokohama Izumi Togei Institute

She is always looking for a door 

which leads to a new world.



Naoko started pottery works after she saw the exhibition of Lucie Rie.

Lucie's pottery works were wonderful, of course,

but Naoko was fascinated by her photo.

Lucie was old, but she looked cool using the wheel.

Naoko decided to start something new and entered a pottery school.

The two-year course was not easy, and

sometimes she had to work until midnight.


Naoko's pottery works are warm and simple.

"I am not trying to express myself in my works," says Naoko.

"I make bowls and plates for daily use.

My works are completed when they are used for meals."

However, her works show the artist's charming personality.

We can promise that you will fall in love with her works 

whenever you use them!

Please see her works here and use them for the meals with your loved one.

Naoko's Works