Yuka Matsumoto                      (pottery artist)

2004-2013  Working as a fashion stylist for magazines

2015  Graduated from Yokohama Izumi Togei Institute

2015  Launching a new clay studio in Yugawara


"I would like to create amusing pottery works which make people smile, rather than just pretty ones. Therefore, I always try to enjoy myself!"


Please check Yuka's porcelain works here!


Whoever sees Yuka's pottery works, they say "Wow! who made this?" with wide smile. Her works emanate love and happy aura like the artist herself. 

Yuka had worked as a fashion stylist for a decade. She enjoyed the job which requires creativeness under many constraints.  Now she is fascinated by the complete freedom of pottery art. Inspiration comes from everything: a clip of TV program; the color viewed between buildings; and the fine art. She values the color most in her art.

Yuka was brought up in Yugawara, Kanazawa prefecture, which is famous for hot springs. She wishes to contribute to revitalization of the town as a pottery artist. Wa-Ippin is looking forward to seeing her success in that area, too!

Yuka's pottery works!